Partners in Agriculture

"As a meat processor, the butchers here at Whitefeather Meats see a lot of different lambs for many different sources. Lambs that have been raised both conventionally and on pasture. We must say, the pastured lambs BlueLoon Farm sent for harvest and processing in 2011 had to be one of the best looking groups of pasture raised lambs we've seen here at Whitefeather Meats. The look and consistency of the carcasses after harvest and during processing was that of animals that had been raised with superior nutrition and care. Keep up the good work Courtland and Jenny!"

Scott Perkins
Whitefeather Meats


"As a custom poultry processor we see thousands of birds per year.  BlueLoon Farm has some of the brightest, healthiest chickens we process.  We could recommend these birds to anybody."\

-Aden Troyer-Owner, Pleasant Valley Poulrty

"Cleveland's food and agriculture scene is developing into one of the best
in the country. The proximity and availability of fresh, organic, and
sustainable produce/livestock is amazing to say the least. As a chef, the
hard work and care our farmers put into their products makes my job that
much more manageable and exciting. Farmers Courtland and Jenny Rocco are
amongst the very best. Their passion for producing the highest quality
produce and livestock show. At Bar Cento, we use their eggs to make our
Sunnyside Pizza, fresh pasta, and anything else we can fold an egg into.
The yolks are of an extraordinary vibrant orange and are some of the
richest I've ever had. BlueLoon Farm is one of the best developing CSA's
in N.E Ohio and I look forward to supporting their cause this growing
-Chef Adam Lambert