BlueLoon Farm now has a certified organic micro dairy on the farm! The dairy was partially funded by our kickstarter project. We currently are milking seven Jersey cows, with six heifer calves to join the milking crew within the next two years..

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Following is a quick Bio of each milking cow and her heifer calf.

Wingnut #615 - Wingnut is one of the four original cows we brought to the farm on January 11 2014. She was born December 10 2009. Great milker and the "mother" of the group. She will take any calf, regardless of whose it may be, and mother her as her own. She was extremely helpful when Jane calved three weeks early then succumbed to a condition that took her life 36 hours after calving. Wingnut took "little Jane" as her own and raised her. She is truly an amazing cow.